Check out this trailer for Little Big Planet 2. As if the first game wasn’t great enough, there look to be all sorts of improvements and additions. We can’t wait!

Sorry about the MIA-ness of posts around here! Things have been pretty crazy since our drummer Johnny left the band. At one point, we were all taking some time off to think about whether or not we want to continue doing this. Luckily, the time off just reinforced what we already knew – that we love this band. So don’t count us out just yet.

Among other things, we’ve been working with some other drummers, and feel pretty confident that we found a replacement. In the meantime, expect to see us doing some different things, like stripped down, semi-acoustic sets. We’re pretty excited because that is something we never expected to be doing. We just tried it one day, and were pleasantly surprised at how much easier it would be than we thought it would.

Also, Jay, Mat, and myself just did an interview that will be in a small documentary about independent musicians and all of the ways they can go about promoting through social media and the internet. We’ll put up a link when we’re all done.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We’ll try and keep this more updated than we have been!

We recently partnered up with Matchless Music to try and get our songs some exposure. Matchless Music works with independent artists to try and get their music into TV, film, video games, and other media. If you or someone you know is an independent filmmaker or looking for music for a project, this is one place you go to make it happen.

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We posted some of the photos from the Rutgers University show with Minus the Bear. Check them out.

So we were really surprised to find that Exist was ranked 17th on the WRSU top 30 albums. Of course we are honored especially since we didn’t even know they were playing us. WRSU is a radio station for Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

We’re all pretty excited about the fact that we’ll be opening up for Minus the Bear on February 6th, at Rutgers University! We only wish that the opportunity for some friends to come out would be a little more open, as the show is really only available to Rutgers students. Still, it’s a huge opportunity, and a couple of us are pretty big MTB fans, so it’s quite an honor for us. We’re really grateful to Rutgers for letting us play!


We won the download contest over at Playlist 7. Thanks to everyone who downloaded us and helped us win. We should now be in the Windows 7 promotions. Isn’t that awesome?