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Check out this trailer for Little Big Planet 2. As if the first game wasn’t great enough, there look to be all sorts of improvements and additions. We can’t wait!

Sorry about the MIA-ness of posts around here! Things have been pretty crazy since our drummer Johnny left the band. At one point, we were all taking some time off to think about whether or not we want to continue doing this. Luckily, the time off just reinforced what we already knew – that we love this band. So don’t count us out just yet.

Among other things, we’ve been working with some other drummers, and feel pretty confident that we found a replacement. In the meantime, expect to see us doing some different things, like stripped down, semi-acoustic sets. We’re pretty excited because that is something we never expected to be doing. We just tried it one day, and were pleasantly surprised at how much easier it would be than we thought it would.

Also, Jay, Mat, and myself just did an interview that will be in a small documentary about independent musicians and all of the ways they can go about promoting through social media and the internet. We’ll put up a link when we’re all done.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We’ll try and keep this more updated than we have been!

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Hey everyone, we’ ve been entered into this cool contest over at Reverbnation. It’s called Playlist 7, and basically, out of a handful of songs from Reverbnation artists, every week listeners can listen to and download songs from the artists for free. Each download counts as a vote, and the band with the most votes advances to be included in the Reverbnation featured artists. The contest is sponsored by Microsoft Windows, and Windows will advertise artists that win.

Starting Monday, December 21st, “Edward” will be available for free to download at Playlist 7, so we encourage you all to go download it. Additionally, you can download any of the other songs, all free. But of course, since you’re on our side, we just encourage you to download our song one more time than any of the other artists. You’ll also be able to download new stuff every week, so you will benefit from more than just our song.

This is a very cool way to get to listen to some new music and help out artists. So please, vote for us next week!


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We’ve been trying to get our design as close to perfect as we’d like it to get, and consequently pouring through CSS tutorials and all sorts of forums and helpdesks. That is why this has been taking so long. We hope you enjoy reading.

We’ve been sending our EP’s all over the place lately, hoping some fine writers and will take the time to give it a listen and pour their hearts onto screens, in hopes that people who read it will be interested and give us the time of day. In the new age of DIY, that is where alot of time has been going lately. But some songs are in the works, and we’re slowly but surely getting around to having some newer material- for those of you avid showgoers who have heard out repertoire already.

For those just tuning in, we are Twilight City Fracture. If you scroll through this site, you’ll get to hear what we do, see what we look like, and find out what some people think about us. Feel free to voice your opinion, by leaving comments of love (or hate). If you really enjoy what we do, so much that you’d like to listen to us on a continual basis, we are on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and one can even buy our digital EP from our Facebook store.

Since we’re new to blogging, we’re not sure what else to say for now, but we’re hoping you’ll help us learn.


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