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We’ve been trying to get our design as close to perfect as we’d like it to get, and consequently pouring through CSS tutorials and all sorts of forums and helpdesks. That is why this has been taking so long. We hope you enjoy reading.

We’ve been sending our EP’s all over the place lately, hoping some fine writers and will take the time to give it a listen and pour their hearts onto screens, in hopes that people who read it will be interested and give us the time of day. In the new age of DIY, that is where alot of time has been going lately. But some songs are in the works, and we’re slowly but surely getting around to having some newer material- for those of you avid showgoers who have heard out repertoire already.

For those just tuning in, we are Twilight City Fracture. If you scroll through this site, you’ll get to hear what we do, see what we look like, and find out what some people think about us. Feel free to voice your opinion, by leaving comments of love (or hate). If you really enjoy what we do, so much that you’d like to listen to us on a continual basis, we are on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and one can even buy our digital EP from our Facebook store.

Since we’re new to blogging, we’re not sure what else to say for now, but we’re hoping you’ll help us learn.


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